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When Christ changes a life dramatically, people take note.
And when it happens to person after person in a community, a movement of God takes place.
Focus Area - H2OKids
Current Campaign Focus

H2OKids Classroom Space

Our new building will include seven classrooms, H2OKids area bathrooms, Check-In location for parents, checkin location for H2OKids volunteers, nursing mother's room and storage for the H2OKids ministry. Classrooms for walking age to 2nd Grade will include bathrooms in each classroom and a wash station. This focus also contains our H2OKids Experience area where they will gather for worship and other activities.

H2O.Church Interior Render
H2O.Church Interior Rendering

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This building is not a want, it is a need for H2O.Church. This will be a new, more effective tool to help us reach the lost broken and disconnected people in our community and Lead them to become Fully Devoted followers of Christ.

Our Story

In 2006 H2O.Church was founded with a partnership…

A group of people in Ada, Oklahoma were looking to create something different in their community. They saw an inspiring movement in Life.Church and how they were reaching the Oklahoma City area and they desired to partner with them to prepare the way for something fresh and exciting in Ada. From those conversations, H2O.Church and the LifeChurch.tv Network was born.

H2O.Church began on the corner of Main and Broadway in 2006. From there the church grew quickly and even with three experience times, the building was at capacity. In 2012 H2O.Church expanded to the building next door adding much needed adult and children’s space. Since then H2O has grown to 1,100 in attendance during large weekends and has once again outgrown our location.

In 2015 H2O purchased 11 acres of land at Cradduck and 32nd Street to begin the next chapter for H2O.Church.

Over the last 11 years, the Network has grown to over 100 churches all over the world and has had a few name changes along the way. Then in 2016 the Network became the Open Network and now thousands of churches all over the world can access the same content and resources all for free. This movement started right here at H2O.Church.

The Why

Why are we building?


Plain and simple, we view this new building as a tool. A better and more efficient tool for reaching our community and leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.


As a part of H2O.Church you are a part of a growing church that is seeing lives made new every single week.  We currently offer 3 experiences and use our current facility to its full potential.  In order to steward the blessing of the growth of H2O.Church that the Lord has blessed us with, we must step into this season of building.


By God’s grace, your faithfulness and good stewardship over the past several years, we are in a very healthy position to begin this building process without any negative impact on our ministry focus.


Campaign Overview

Phase 1 Goal


Phase 1 Goal

Needed to break ground and keep loan amount low.

Phase 2 Goal


Phase 2 Goal

Needed to keep new loan payment the same as current loan payment.

Phase 3 Goal


Phase 3 Goal

Needed to eliminate borrowed money, to move further and faster together.

The total project is $4,860,725 and will take approximately 12-16 months to complete. We currently have $1,000,000 in savings for the building project and expect $280,000 to accumulate in that savings over the next 14 months. 10% of every tithe dollar is set aside for this project along with the money given to Spaces & Places.

Reaching our campaign goal will remove the burden of debt so we can put all of our energy and resources into reaching the lost, broken and disconnected and lead them to become fully devoted followers of Christ!

Our Key Scripture for this project

“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out;
do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.”

Isaiah 54:2

“Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!”

1 Chronicles 4:10

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the building project cost?

The 32,755 square foot building will cost $4,860,725

How long will the building project take?

Currently we are in the engineering process and looking to break ground at the end of the 1st quarter of 2018. Once we break ground, it will take approximately 12 months to construct the building.

In what ways can I help the campaign?

First, we ask that you would join us in praying for this project and that we stay in step with God’s leadership as we go into this building season.

Secondly, we ask that you would prayerfully consider joining our ALL IN giving focus for the new building where you can make a 2 year monthly commitment of any amount. You can also give a one time gift above your tithe to Spaces and Places of any amount.

How many seats will be available in the new building?

In the new Experience space there will be a capacity of 750 seats and in our new H2OKids zone we will be able to hold 297 kids. We will also have available classrooms, breakout rooms and an amazing lobby space.